2019 Poker Run

6th Annual Gravel Lake Poker Run– Saturday, August 4th

Congrats to the 2019 Poker Run Winners !

1st – Roesch
2nd – Amy Kamp
3rd – Tom Logan
4th – Jacob Oxley
5th – Joe Rodriguez
Tie for 6th
6th – Andrea Steffo & Haley Archambault
8th – Maggie Havlin
9th – Jill Kaczmarek
10th – LaShel Mencl

Lucky Draw – Missy DeSimone
Lucky Draw – Brandon Murphy

Thank you to all the players who supported the Lake Association for our only fundraiser of the year.

Thank you to all the dock hosts this year! You guys all did an awesome job. We couldn’t do it without you & appreciate all your hard work!

The wining dock host was “The Price is Right”

When you collect all your cards, drop off your packet at dock #8 – Vitkauskas Residence on Streeter Beach. Packets need to be dropped off by 6pm and will not be accepted at the after party!! No exceptions. All packets must have your name and phone number on them in order to win. We will not track down owners of nameless packets.
The after party will not have food this year. Please eat prior to coming! Please be respectful, thank our wonderful hosts and clean up after yourself. As always, BYOB.

Ticket sales will begin at 9:30am EST for members and 10:30am EST for non-members. We have a limit of 5 tickets per person. If you need more than 5 for your house, bring a family member! Sales will be the Pinkos house on Idle Ease Beach (94356 Drive D – Smaller grey house between the large grey A frame and the brownish/orange wood house!)
Only 400 tickets will be available. Tickets usually sell out within the first two hours.
Tickets will not be available early. Please do not come look at t-shirts or raffle prizes prior to 9:30.
Sales will run the same as last year. A line will form at the front of our house (street side) and will flow into our backyard. The first table you approach will check your membership, give you a check-out form and assign your player numbers which locks in your ticket. After that you can purchase poker run t-shirts, gravel lake t-shirts and raffle tickets. You do not need to rush through this as your players numbers are already reserved for you. When you are ready to check out – proceed to the check out table where you can pay for everything at once with the form you receive at check in. At this time, you will receive the player packets.
Poker run start times will be staggered like last year. Start times are at 1:00, 1:45 or 2:30 depending on your player number. Please adhere to this as closely as possible to avoid congestion at the docks.

♥️Poker Run Times:
9:30 Ticket Sales for members
10:30 Ticket sales for non-members
1:00 1st round of players begin
1:45 2nd round of players begin
2:30 3rd round of players begin
5:00 Poker run ends. Docks stop handing out cards
6:00 All hands must be turned into dock #8
7:30 After party begins
8:00 Winners Announced

♥️Vote for best dock host:
Each player has the opportunity to vote for their favorite dock. Circle the star of your favorite dock on your map and turn it in at dock #8 with your cards.

♥️After Party:
This year’s after party will be at the Kelliher Residence on Willow beach! Please thank Darla and Tom for being our gracious hosts.