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Gravel Laker Newsletter - Fall, 2021

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Short Term Rental Draft – January, 2022

The short-term rental agreement that was voted on at the township meeting(1/12/21). A few minor changes were added.
– The annual registration fee will be $150 per parcel of rental.
– The fines for violations are $100 for the 1st violation and $500 for the 2nd violation.
– Parking spots will not need to be defined on the registration form. Parking will be allowed on the property itself and on the side of the road (if not forbidden normally) within the property boundries.
– A trash receptacle will be required at each location. This is not trash pickup service, simply a receptacle.
– Other than these updates it was passed as is.

Gravel Laker Newsletter Fall, 2021

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DNR says fish kills may be common during spring thaw

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Boat Wash Info

New Lawton FD sub-station at the Porter Township Hall and Homeowner’s Insurance Rates

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Gravel Lake Beach Map

2019 Walleye Stocking Video

Midwest Aquatic Plant Reference Chart

Descriptions of invasive and non-invasive plant species in our area.

PWC (Personal Watercraft) hours of operation are 8am to sunset.

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The Midwest Invasive Species Information Network (MISIN)

MISIN is a regional effort to develop and provide early detection and response resources for invasive species.

The Shirley Jensen Interview





See our Favorite Uncle Sam Ski Around the Lake

Welcome to Our Lake

raab-04Gravel Lake is located in Lawton, Michigan in the Southwestern part of the state. Our Lake is 296 acres, spring fed from the main body as well as the channel, has an outlet (spillway) on Idle Ease beach which feeds Big Fish Lake and an inlet from a swamp named Strawberry Lake just behind the northern end of Idle Ease beach. Our goal is to keep our community informed with news and events which affect our lake and to share in the rich history of Gravel Lake; past, present and future. Please let us know what you’d like to see on this site.

GLA Video Archive

View some of our neighbor’s memories of Gravel Lake.

Lillian Wallace McGreal

Winnie Melton

Jeanette Garrison

Shirley Jensen