Proposed Wake Sport Legislation

      Legislation has been proposed on restricting the operation of wake augmenting boats (e.g. boats with ballast systems). It is in response to concerns from homeowners and the DNR on damage to personal property, shorelines, bottomlands/fisheries.

  • The proposed legislation intends to limit wake augmentation to depths of 20 or more feet and a 500 foot distance from shore or other stationary objects
  • Leveraging over seven studies, MI DNR made the recommendation to restrict activity based on the water quality concerns (i.e. damage to shorelines, bottomlands, and fish habitat).
  • MLSA has provided both awareness and consultation on the topic based on feedback and concerns from its members (i.e. lake associations throughout MI)
    – MLSA is comprised of its employees, board members, and its membership – it stands to serve the lake stewardship interests of its members
    – MLSA has received steady calls for action on this topic from many of its members
  • Lake geography (“bathymetry”) varies considerably lake to lake in Michigan. There are many examples of narrow, shallow, and low acreage lakes where wake activity is particularly problematic (hence the calls for action).
  • Similar legislation already exists or is being pursued/researched in other states (OR, VT, NH, ME, IN, WI, MN) and Canada
  • Proposed legislation often changes before it passes the legislature
  • As the GLA has not taken a position on this issue, the GLA board of trustees recommends that homeowners provide feedback directly to the bill sponsors and/or our local legislator
    Sponsors: Julie Rogers, Robert Bezotte, Veronica Paiz, Natalie Price, John Roth, Mike McFall, Penelope Tsernoglou, Denise Mentzer.
    – Gravel Lake’s legislator: Pauline Wendzel
  • As the GLA compiles more resources on the topic, we will add them to