Our Association and Members

The Gravel Lake Association was incorporated in 1974.

Michigan Public Act 137 (1929) – Incorporation of Summer Resort Owners

Michigan Public Act 188 (1954) – Public Improvements
The Gravel Lake Association is using this body of law to create a Special Assessment District to finance the cost of treating Eurasion Watermilfoil. This act would also be the basis of a sewer program.

Michigan Lakes & Streams Association
This is an important organization of lake associations and the like dedicated to the issues that waterfront owners encounter. The Gravel Lake Association is, of course, a member. MLSA is the publisher of “The Michigan Riparian.”

President: Craig DeSimone – cucad4@hotmail.com
Vice President: Suzanne Reed
Treasurer: Janice Pinkos – fampinkos@aol.com
Secretary: Melissa DeSimone

Chamberlin Beach:  Craig DeSimone, Arlene Rockwell
Dugan’s Landing:  Kevin LaLone
Gebhard Beach:  Phil Rinaldi
Huff’s Landing:  Dan McDevitt
Idle Ease Beach: Janice Pinkos, Tom Zwartz
Lewis Beach:  Ken Hochsprung
Sandy Beach: Suzanne Reed, Jennifer Micheli, Chris Toso
Streeter Beach:  Kristy & Linda Vitkauskas
Willow Beach:  Carole Roeder
Winkler Beach:  Dave Brown

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