Our Lake and Our Association

Gravel Lake is located in Lawton, Michigan in the Southwestern part of the state. Our Lake is 296 acres, spring fed from the main body as well as the channel, has an outlet (spillway) on Idle Ease beach which feeds Big Fish Lake and an inlet from a swamp named Strawberry Lake just behind the northern end of Idle Ease beach. Our goal is to keep our community informed with news and events which affect our lake and to share in the rich history of Gravel Lake; past, present and future. Please let us know what you’d like to see on this site.

The Gravel Lake Association was incorporated in 1974.

Michigan Public Act 137 (1929) – Incorporation of Summer Resort Owners

Michigan Public Act 188 (1954) – Public Improvements
The Gravel Lake Association is using this body of law to create a Special Assessment District to finance the cost of our weed treatment and our sewer program.

Michigan Lakes & Streams Association
This is an important organization of lake associations and the like dedicated to the issues that waterfront owners encounter. The Gravel Lake Association is, of course, a member. MLSA is the publisher of “The Michigan Riparian.”

GLA Video Archive– View some of our neighbor’s memories of Gravel Lake

Board of Trustees and Committees

President: Craig DeSimone – cucad4@hotmail.com
Vice President: Suzanne Reed
Treasurer: Janice Pinkos – fampinkos@aol.com
Secretary: Jennifer Micheli

Chamberlin Beach:  Craig DeSimone, Vicki Carlos, Liz Zwartz
Gebhard Beach:  Phil Rinaldi
Huff’s Landing:  Dan McDevitt
Idle Ease Beach: Janice Pinkos, Tom Zwartz, Matt Olds
Lewis Beach:  Ken Hochsprung
Sandy Beach: Suzanne Reed, Jennifer Micheli
Streeter Beach:  Kristy & Linda Vitkauskas
Willow Beach: Tom Kelliher
Winkler Beach: Patti Faustino, Rick Rogers

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Communications:  Jim McGreal(Chair), Melissa DeSimone, Dan McDevitt, Jamie Paramski, Jennifer Micheli, Lois Gorbacz
Fundraising: Alyssa Pinkos(Chair), Ray Reed, Dan McDevitt
Water Quality: Ken Hochsprung (Chair), Melissa DeSimone, Tom Zwartz, Elizabeth Zwartz, Chris Toso, Jennifer Micheli, Greg Garrett
Events: Jennifer Micheli(Chair), Tom Zwartz, Phil Rinaldi, Linda Vitkauskas, Suzanne Reed, Dave Brown
Safety: Phil Rinaldi(Chair), Tom Zwartz, Elizabeth Zwartz, Suzanne Reed, Chris Toso
History: Suzanne Reed(Chair), Jim McGreal, Jamie Paramski
Government Relations: Vacant(Chair), Phil Rinaldi, Jennifer Micheli