Info about Natural Shorelines and Seawalls

Gravel Lake – “Save Our Shorelines” Brochure

Permit Info

The EGLE/USACE Joint Permit Application (JPA) covers permit requirements derived from state and federal rules and regulations for construction activities where the land meets the water.

Bioengineered Shoreline Protection on Inland Lakes

Examples of some best management practices for shoreline protection on inland lakes of Michigan

Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership

Why Natural Shorelines?
Learn more about erosion and maintaining healthy shorelines.

Introduction to Bio-engineering
Get the basics about shoreline erosion control options instead of a seawall.

Native Plants for Your Lakeshore
Review the lists of recommended native options for your lakeshore.

Shoreland Stewards Program Video Series
Learn about the Shoreline Stewards program

Basics of Natural Shoreline Erosion Control

Keep an eye on the Gravel Lake Association Facebook page for changes, info, or cancellations.



Native Aquatic Plants

Biotechnical Erosion Control (Higher-Energy)

Bioengineering (Lower-Energy)

Encapsulated Soil Lifts

Shoreline Woody Structure


The Water’s Edge
Helping Fish and wildlife on your lakeshore property

Sensible Shoreline Development
A Guide for Shoreline Homeowners

Shoreland Property
A guide to environmentally sound ownership

Natural Shoreline Landscaping:
The act of creating landscapes that restore and preserve Michigan’s lakeshores for today and for future generations.

Shoreland guide for St. Louis County, MN
A comprehensive property owner’s guide

Restoring the Shore
Alternative shoreline landscapes that enhance wildlife habitat and protect water quality.