Sandy Beach Development 1947-1949

The following was taken from a advertisement for the “New Sandy Beach” by the C.W. Coats Company.


The beautiful Lake cottage sites pictured above were acres of brushy wasteland until cranes and bulldozers were put to work there in February. Now more than 150 families may have cottages on this lovely lake wit its gradually sloping sandy beach.

A 2,500-foot fresh water channel, connecting with Gravel Lake, has been dug to provide water frontage to approximately 100 lots, in addition to the 30 on the lakeshore itself. Thirty-five acres of land have been graded, low spots filled and new roads built to provide access to every lot.

You are invited to inspect this new resort development six miles south on Lawton on M-119, then 1 mile west. Follow the Sandy Beach arrows. If the service illustrated by this project can be of help to you, phone Hartford 40-J and let’s talk it over.

Waterfront lots are priced at $550 up. Knotty pine cottages are available from $850. These new sites and cottages are on sale by C.W. Coats, Coloma, phone Coloma 325.

Powerful earth-moving equipment like this moved 90,000 cubic yards of dirt to build Sand Beach. Our bulldozers, cranes, trucks and graders are available for large and small jobs.

The 2,500-foot channel, 90 feet wide and 12 feet deep, was cut by this crane, pictured at the start of the project in mid-winter. We can MOVE A HILL or DIG A BASEMENT just as efficiently.