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The Gravel Laker Newsletter - Spring, 2013

Winter Ice
Contributor: Mark Fazzini

GLA Events Photos
- Paddle Boat Regatta
- Boat Parade
New Road End Law
Weed Treatment Update
Gravel Lake Walleye Stocking
Gravel Lake Association Google Group
GLA Video Archive
Links and Reference
  Info concerning
VHS virus, boat
safety, sewers,
septic systems,
roadends and
other topics.
Gravel Lake Weather
History Committee Update


Welcome to Gravel Lake's home on the web. Our lake is located in Lawton, Michigan in the Southwestern part of the state.

Our goal is to keep our community informed with news and events which affect our lake and to share in the rich history of Gravel Lake; past, present and future.

Please let us know what you'd like to see on this site.


New Michhigan hunting, fishing and ORV Lincense Prices and Structure

Gravel Laker Newsletter- Fall, 2013

Become a Michigan Lake and Stream Associations. MLSA Application

Quality of Life Project of the Year Award

GRAVEL LAKE MERCHANDISE - T-shirts, hats, and towels for sale.

Limited sizes and colors available.

Contact Carlie Stogis at 630-461-6200 to purchase items

Gravel Lake Association Google Group

Join the newly created Gravel Lake Association Google group by clicking on this link.  This group will eventually replace the current email lists used for lakse association updates. Questions?  Email Craig.

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GLA Video Archive - View some of our neighbor's memories of Gravel Lake.


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